St. Thomas Recovery Team

STRT is a coalition of diverse community stakeholders that are coordinating the long-term recovery of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The St. Thomas Recovery Team is a coalition of diverse community stakeholders that are cooperatively coordinating St. Thomas’ long-term recovery response, resource management, resiliency planning, and training in response to hurricanes Irma and Maria. STRT will take measures of sustainability, creating a plan of action for future disasters. STRT will assess the unmet needs of the people of St. Thomas and will provide spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional support, as able, to facilitate rehabilitation.

Four main tenets of the group are cooperation, communication, coordination, and collaboration. STRT is inclusive, non-discriminatory, and promotes diverse participation among community members to ensure that the most vulnerable populations and institutions are identified, supported in recovery, and prepared for the future. The STRT aims to be an umbrella organization of existing agencies and individuals who have been working toward the recovery and rehabilitation effort of St. Thomas; facilitating and supporting their endeavors.

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Our Goals

Help us accelerate recovery efforts after Hurricanes Irma & Maria, to get our friends, neighbors, and families living in their homes.


  • I’m involved with the St. Thomas Recovery Team because the people of the Virgin Islands deserve a chance to rebuild better. Long-term recovery is a tricky mission, but if we put the effort in now, we can guarantee a brighter future all of us.

    Imani Daniel
    Chair, St. Thomas Recovery Team
    Community Engagement Specialist, VI-EPSCoR
  • St. Thomas is my home. I became a disaster relief warrior by circumstance. I really like helping people, I’m pretty good at it, and I'm in too deep to stop now.

    Jody Olson
    Chair, Donations Management Subcommittee
    CEO, Perfect Heart
  • I want to help my friends, family, and my community. This is my home and I need to do everything I can to help us recover.

    Amanda Johnson
    Chair, Disaster Case Management Subcommittee
  • I have embraced the St. Thomas Recovery Team because I see the ongoing and deep need for a serious and passionate approach to ensuring that real change and real preparedness takes place in the USVI.  I am dedicated to the STRT because it IS the group that will make enduring changes to the USVI infrastructure in order to ensure that the residents will be better prepared and have the assistance they need in future disasters and a solid foundation for robust economic development in the years to come.

    Michael D. Kyzer, MD
    Chair, Health & Wellbeing Subcommittee
    Physician & Medical Director, Ambulatory Care Clinic
  • I am involved in the St. Thomas Recovery Team because our community needs help from all of us that are a part of it to truly recover from the impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, I hope that the my efforts on the STRT can help us recover better and that my training can add unique insights to improve St. Thomas after these disastrous storms, and help prepare us for future events.

    Sennai Habtes, PhD
    Treasurer, St. Thomas Recovery Team
    Research Assistant Professor, Center for Marine and Environmental Studies
  • I'm involved with STRT because we, as a community, need to organize ourselves to better handle futures challenges.

    Greg Guannel, Ph.D.
    Chair, Resilience and Sustainability Subcommittee
    Director, Caribbean Green Technology Center
  • I am involved because I am here on earth to serve God by helping others.

    Riise Richards
    Chair, Volunteer Management Subcommittee
  • I am involved with STRTVI to help be part of the solution for a brighter and prosperous USVI.

    Imam Abubakar Mohamed
    Secretary, St. Thomas Recovery Team
    Residential Imam, Nur Islamic Center of St.Thomas
  • I joined the St. Thomas Recovery Team so that I can help rebuild folks lives.

    Fernando Henley
    Co-Chair, Disaster Case Management Subcommittee
    Disaster Case Lead, Catholic Charities of the Virgin Islands

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Get involved with the St. Thomas Recovery Team! There are many ways that you can help. From donating, volunteering, joining one of our subcommittees, becoming a sponsor, hosting off-island volunteers, there are multiple ways that you can be part of the solution!

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