Our Mission:


The mission of the St. Thomas Recovery Team is to coordinate St. Thomas’ long-term recovery response, resource management, resilience planning, and training in response to hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Through direct services and referrals to our partner agencies, we provide a safe, sanitary, and secure space for our clients and provide a collaboration space for other organizations interested in doing the same.


Our Programs

The St. Thomas Recovery Team provides direct services and provides a collaboration table for other response and recovery agencies. Disaster Case Management, Donations Management, Residential Construction, and Resiliency and Sustainability are the organization’s current primary projects


Disaster Case Management

Disaster Case Management sits at the heart of every recovery. Our disaster case managers have had extensive training and are dedicated to seeing every client from their initial intake through to the final nail of their repaired home; they guide clients through the recovery process and make sure that every resource available to them is utilized to the fullest extent.

Call 340-642-5440 or email help@strtvi.org to sign up or get more information

Residential Rebuild Program

St. Thomas Recovery Team provides minor and major construction services to clients identified by in-house or partner agency Disaster Case Managers. Volunteer labor is heavily utilized and allows us to reduce costs to maximize charitable contributions.

Disaster Case Management & Donations Committees

St. Thomas Recovery Team provides a collaboration space for secular and faith-based organizations providing Disaster Case Management services. Training and best practices, as well as insight from federal partners are availible to organizations here.

St. Thomas Recovery Team also manages a Multi-Agency Warehouse whose resources are available to partner organization clients.

Community resilience and sustainability

St. Thomas Recovery Team is home to the island’s Long Term Recovery Plan and leads the charge on several projects outlined therein; Food Security, Recycling, and Solarization remain our most active projects to date.


Our Impact

The St. Thomas Recovery Team was formed in November 2017 following hurricanes Irma and Maria and began managing donations and building a framework for a disaster case management program.

Since then, our mission has grown to match the immense need in the territory and the number of families that our programs and partnerships have touched continues to grow each day. From information on preparedness to a comprehensive home repair to give back and support the community, we believe that there is something at the St. Thomas Recovery Team for everyone.



Families impacted

Through our collaborative Disaster Case Management, donations, and construction efforts, we have made a significant difference in the need on island.



Partner organizations

St. Thomas Recovery Team has a friend list as broad as it is influential. The only way St. Thomas will recovery is together.



Homes left to make whole

Data provided by our federal partners suggests that over 8000 households are still in need of assistance recovering from the 2017 hurricanes.


March 2019

“And for real, it worked out [for] the best. I was so glad…”

A. George, STRT Client / Read Full Article



Get Involved

Our organization is built on cooperation, communication, coordination, and collaboration. We are constantly searching for additional partners to support our Disaster Case Management, Donations, Construction, and Preparedness programs. If you or your organization is interested in being a part of the recovery, please contact us below.


Sign Up For a Program

To speak to one of our disaster case managers, email us or give us a call at 340-642-5442. You can also stop by our office

Volunteer opportunities

If you or your group is interested in supporting one of our projects, email us at volunteer@strtvi.org

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